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Here you will find suppliers of the indoor dog gate offering a wide variety of styles and designs at prices that will fit every budget.

An indoor dog gate is a staple tool for every dog owner. No matter if your dog is older or just a puppy, there are always good reasons why an indoor dog gate makes sense.

Dog gates can be a great way to help separate dogs and kids. There are various types of dog gates: swing gates, wide dog gates, extra tall dog gates, wooden dog gates, presssure mounted pet gates, and retractable dog gates. You will learn about them here.

If you are training a new puppy, this type of pet barrier can be a great tool to help confine the puppy to a restricted area of your home, so they don’t have accidents in the wrong area or chew your furniture.

If the weather is bad and you want your dog to dry and clean off in an area before entering your home a pet gate can be very helpful.

Roaming is a very basis canine instinct with dogs. If you want to restrict their roaming to just certain areas of your home an indoor dog gate will be just what you need.

As you begin shopping around for indoor gates for your dog, you will note these are made in a variety of styles, heights and materials. Dog gates are available in wood, metal, coated wire and plastic. Be sure to select carefully the best material for your dog gate. A lot will depend on your dogs' personality and your personal preference. For example, if your dog likes to chew, a metal dog gate would best suit your situation. Maybe you're looking for a dog gate to blend in or complement the interior design of your home, in which case wooden or decorative iron dog gates would go wonderfully.

There are basically six style choices in the indoor pet gate: swing, tall, retractable, accordion, pressure mounted and custom built.

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Swing Pet Gates

Swing pet gates come in a variety of materials like plastic, coated steel, wood and can either be attached to walls or in between the entrance way of a room. They are convenient and usually have a hinged and fastening mechanism so the gate open easily and secures closed with the same ease. This can be a great choice if you will need the gate in place for a significant length of time and don’t want to have to move the gate when it is not in use.

Extra Tall Pet Gates

Most pet gates are designed with smaller dogs in mind or for puppies. At the most they are usually 32 inches high or less. But if you have a larger dog and you want to restrict where they can go in your home on occasion, the extra tall pet gate will be what you need. Extra Tall Pet gates come in heights from 362 up to 48 inches high. They generally cost a bit more than there smaller versions but work very well for larger dogs.

Retractable Dog Gates

The retractable dog gate works well between door frames and smaller entrance ways into rooms. They can be either portable or permanently affixed to the wall. The benefit of a retractable pet gate is that when not in use it folds into itself for convenient and neat storage. This type of indoor dog gate also comes in a variety of materials and heights.

Accordion Pet Gates

Accordion pet gates can be a very versatile choice for your pet. They are easy to set up and can be moved around to any area of your home. When not in use they fold flat for easy storage. They are most often free standing and provide an accordion-like barrier, as the name suggests. They are not intended for dogs that jump or are overly aggressive as this type of can be easily knocked over.

Pressure Mounted Pet Gates

Pressure mounted pet gates have adjustable features that allow the gate to fix in place without the need for mounting hardware, no tools or holes to drill, and no screws for installation. These are portable, so they can easily be moved to other areas of the house. They are best suited for smaller to medium size dogs. Larger, heavier dogs may be able to dislodge the pressure mounting fixtures of this type of barrier. This type of gate can leave marks on the walls or even damage them.

Custom Built Pet Gates

If you are looking for a more custom looking indoor pet gate to match the decor of your home, there are companies that specialize in making custom pat gates. These often feature very attractive wood designs and can be made to fit exact in the space of your home.

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