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Extra Wide Pet Gates

Extra Wide Pet Gates can be very helpful in areas where there is a large open area that needs to be secures.  Here are suppliers that offer extra wide pet gates and have great pricing.  They are listed below.  

Extra Wide Pet Gates can be a great choice and big help if you need to confine a larger dog in an area of your home.  Most pet gates are designed to fit just the width of a standard door jam.  But there is such a thing as extra wide pet gates which will allow coverage of much larger areas.  Here is information that you will find helpful for this type of dog containment system.

There are times when no matter how old your dog becomes that you may need to confine it in certain parts of your home.  Maybe small children or a baby is present and you want to keep the dog away.  Maybe your loved pet has decided to take up chewing later in life, it happens! Perhaps when bad weather hits you want a staging area where the dog can dry off before entering the rest of the house.

Extra wide pet gates are an excellent choice to use as a barrier over a long stretch of open space. They can be a big help in securing a pet in a larger area where they have more freedom to roam around.

This type of dog gate is usually anywhere from 48 inches in length on up to several feet.  There are some very wide gates that extend up to eight feet.

There are basically two types of these pet gates.  There are free standing gates and those that are pressure or tension mounted.

Free standing dog gates usually have support legs on each side to hold the gate up.  This type of pet gate stands on its own with out an attachment to the wall necessary.  There are no tools or nails required.  They are portable and can me moved with ease.  Some wide gates like these come in accordion styles and can be folded up easily
when not in use.

The pressure mounted pet gates secure to walls or the inside of a door jam using tension and spring loaded arms.  They usually have rubber at the tips to protect the walls from damage.  These also do not require the use of tools or nails or screws.  Just like free standing gates they also are portable and can be taken from room to room or
other homes.

Something to keep in mind with this style of indoor dog gate is that it be structurally sound.  As you increase in length the natural tendency will be for it to become unsteady if not built properly.  Most are built the right way to handle the length, but some are very cheaply made.  The best advice is to shop around carefully.

As you shop you may come across some extra wide pet gates that offer expansion options so they can extend their length even more.  It is good to know this option is available and it can be very helpful if you have the need.

Some gates of this style also come with doors that open easily. So you can move back and forth through gate easily.  Without this option you will always be required to move the whole gate every time you want to
pass through.

We have looked at many suppliers on the Internet offering Extra Wide Pet Gates and here are the ones that have wide selections at the best prices:  Fetch and


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